Why do we use safe and secure checkouts with e-check?

We understand our customers concern for a 100% Discreet, Safe & Secure Checkout Experience, that is why Jiggley uses the modern version of the old fashioned Check by using e-check.

​We currently are accepting safe and secure payments with e checks. E checks are the modern day version of the old fashioned check. Checking out with e check is becoming the most popular way people perfer to pay! Paying with e-check is 100% Safe & Discreet! The e check payment option does not store any information and everything goes through an SSL Safe & Secured encrypted Network for checkout. Perhaps in the near future we may have a way to pay via debit/credit card for those who perfer that option. 


WARNING: Any false, missleading information and/or fake or stollen bank Information will be considered fraudulent and will be reported.

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Why Jiggley?

Jiggley is run by real people who truly care about your private and discreet shopping experience. Our 100% Discreet Billing and Shipping, along with our Hassle Free Return process, have been trusted by million of people for over 35 years! That is why Jiggley is Voted Your #1 Best selling Online Sex Shop!

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